Milo's Lair



Hi, my name is Milo.  I am 18 months old.  My Momma's friend found me in the woods in Larkspur, Colorado.  I don't know what you've heard but I am not a bad boy really.  I just wanna be the boss of the house.  

I really didn't mean to chew through the printer cable.  I was just bored.

I like to play.  Momma says I play with everything.  Well, if its in my house it must be one of my toys.   This includes the other animals that live here.  

I don't like to share.  I am the baby and I shouldn't have to share.  I am happiest when I can sit in Momma's lap.  It doesn't matter if she's trying to work on the computer, watch TV or talk on the phone.  I don't care if Kashmir was there first.  I just climb up there and sit.  

This is a picture of me with my dog Sophie.  

I like Sophie.  She has a tail I can play with.  She doesn't seem to have much fun playing with me.  But I keep trying.  She's more fun then the other cats that's for sure.  They are old and they don't like me at all.

I don't care what my Momma's parents say, I am not a fraidy cat.  I just don't like any big people but my Momma.  Maybe one day I will meet a nice big person.  

Well I have to go now, its time for another nap.  More pictures soon.

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