Sophie's Kennel



My name is Sophie.  I am a three year old border collie mix.  Don't ask a mix of what, we're really not sure. 

My person Barb adopted me right after Thanksgiving 2000 from the Denver Dumb Friends League

I think my full name is Sophie Sit Down.  That's what my person calls me anyway.

I don't really play.  My favorite things to do are eat, drink, sleep and take walks.  My person says I snore and I fart alot, I am not sure of that. 

Barb got me this very nice bed when I moved in. 

It is a nice enough bed, but there are these nice couches that I prefer.  So Barb moved the bed next to the computer so I can sit with her down there. 

When I first came to live here I was pretty skinny.  Doctor Jerry told Barb I had to gain at least 10 more pounds.  Barb said I have all the luck.  I've gained the weight now.  Too bad my pretty collar doesn't fit anymore.

We have three cats that live with us.  I don't really like the cats.   They smell funny and they make noise and bother me.  Milo keeps trying to pay with my tail.  Now I ask you, would you let just anyone play with your tail?

I got my picture taken special for Christmas.  We got to go to the pet store to take my picture.  I love the pet store.  All the people in the store say how pretty I am and what a good doggie I am.  They give me snacks. 

I've made friends with all the other doggies in the neighborhood.  We all talk to each other at 4am.  I stand at Barb's bedroom window and bark out to them, and they all bark back.  We have such nice chats.  I wish I knew why Barb gets so annoyed when we chat.  I don't mind if she's talking while I sleep. 

That's all for me today.  Maybe Barb will learn this digital camera soon!

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